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OUR HOME” ASSOCIATION is a Polish non-governmental organisation (NGO) which aims at the reformation of the child welfare system in Poland. Since 1991 OUR HOME has assisted over 200 children homes and other facilities and programs for neglected children in professional training, disbursing financial grants, donations in kind or with other, non-material grants. The Association also helps individuals from child welfare institutions with vocational training, or managing the independent living projects. The value of OUR HOMES’ assistance program has already exceeded the equivalent of 6 million US dollars. The Association has become the most important Polish NGO dealing with the problems of orphaned and neglected children.
The Association has undertaken the following priorities:
1. Formation of a strong lobbying group actively involved in public awareness campaigns, as well as in the activities of governmental and parliamentary teams working over the reform of the child welfare system.
2. Training for local social care authorities and other local policy makers in the formation of local systems of support to families and children.
3. The development of qualified, professional foster care as the alternative to institutional care, the implementation of the PRIDE: Foster Care / Adoption Program in the whole country; training for trainers and for potential foster carers and adoptive parents. Management of professional foster care centres.
4. The development of family group homes (professional foster families for up to 6-8 children).
5. The transformation of existing children homes and other institutions for neglected children:

• substantial reduction of the number of institutions

• reduction of placements of children between 0 and 12 years old in institutions

• introduction of casework and individual approach to children and their families instead of the group approach

• training programs for children homes in the introduction and management of individual services planning and institution restructuring.

• start-up of "apartment groups" for teenagers (as part of independent living programs) and for adult graduates of children homes.

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